The meat which we sell from Al An'am Farms is always fresh and always hand slaughtered. It is our belief that meat produced using the Zabiha or hand slaughtered method is healthier than meat produced using other methods and produces better tasting meat.

Our meat is fresher than meat imported from other countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Meat coming from great distances must be frozen in order to be shipped. It is not uncommon for meat which is frozen for transit to be up to a year old before it reaches the consumer. In addition, Al An'am Farms is a USDA facility and our animals are USDA inspected in order to insure their health.

We offer our meat as a whole carcass or the whole carcass cut 4 ways or 6 ways for meat shops or restaurants. We also provide ready-to-cook cuts of meat for restaurants. Our prices are very competitive and our quality is superb.